About us


Pet Peeves Training, LLC is managed and operated by Laura Rice of Canoga Park, CA. Laura received her education at America's Teaching Zoo, a highly acclaimed animal training school in Moorpark, CA specializing in training exotic animals. There she obtained her degree in animal behavior and training certification. While at school, Laura worked hands-on as a dog trainer in Camarillo, teaching general obedience at a boarding facility. Her experiences there solidified her passion for working with dogs and led her to quickly start her own company.


Laura has over two decades of experience training dogs, and has been operating Pet Peeves Training since the beginning of 2004. She is extremely well-versed in positive reinforcement and dog psychology techniques and is familiar with every training tool under the sun. She believes that communicating both "yes" AND "no" is absolutely integral to acheiving healthy relationships with our beloved dogs, much in the same way it is necessary for parenting happy, well-adjusted children. Pet Peeves Training is fully licensed and insured, and Laura is proud to be a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).


Laura is happiest when enjoying the great outdoors with dogs and looks forward to helping you bring your dog with you on all your adventures as well!