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Pet Peeves Dog Training Canoga Park
"We were very happy with Laura and her training methods"


We were very happy with Laura and her training methods!! We have smaller kids and it was great the way she took time to make sure the kids were comfortable giving the commands to our Abby. Her training was great for Abby and the whole family!! We get so many compliments on how well behaved our dog is! Thanks again Laura!!


- Aaron T (Abby) 

Happy Trained Dogs Canoga Park
"Laura is the best out there. Period. The. Best." 


I have worked with three other behaviorists before Laura, all to varying degrees of success. But I was never satisfied that we were communicating well with our rowdy little pack of (now!) 3.

We have done Laura's board & train program with two of our dogs, and have done a group class and some private training with the other one. We went from an absolutely unmanageable mess to a well-behaved and organized pack. Our communication is on point, our dogs are healthier than they've ever been, and we are stress free.

- Brett G. (Pepper, Calvin, & Pax) 

"Best dog training in Los Angeles" 


Best dog training in Los Angeles. Laura got our Molly into tip top shape in no time.


- Robyn Y. (Molly)  

Pet Peeves Dog Training Woodland Hills
"I highly recommend Laura and trust her completely" 


Laura from Pet Peeves has worked wonders with our dog Miguel. Miguel was a rescue and we got him at about a year and a half old. He was abused and had lacerations in his leg, and it is believed that we was chained up outdoors and the dad of the house and kids would pick on him. He is terrified of things like fly swatters and loud noises. When we adopted him, he was good with everyone in our household, but afraid of other people, especially men and kids.

Taking him for a walk has been a challenge because he is bouncing from side to side and dragging us down the street. Now he is able to walk next to me with much less pulling. He's pretty good with smaller dogs, but when he meets bigger dogs, he gets aggressive. Now he is out walking with a pack of 4 huge German Shepherds with no problem. 

When we first got him, we enrolled in training with another trainer and she wouldn't even handle him because she was afraid of him. He would growl and lunge at her. Laura has never had a problem.

So far, we've done one private, one walking class, one group hike, and 2 pack walks, and he is already off leash and socializing well with the other dogs in the pack. He's getting much better on our walks and we are learning how to meet and greet people on the street, as well as meet other dogs on social outings. We still have a way to go, but I'm super pleased with the results we've had so far. 

My mother has a macaw and Laura also works with him. She's teaching him to fly. :)

I highly recommend Laura and trust her completely.

- Erin F. (Miguel)  

"We have had AMAZING results!!!!" 


We have used other trainers before. The one before Laura was quite fabulous for certain issues but we were never able to deal with my wee dog's insane behavior on leash with other dogs passing by or with jumping gleefully on guests when they arrive into our home.

I met Laura at a Pet Food Express store...FABULOUS store, by the way. I asked her one question about my dog and his behavior. She said it could be fixed, which I thought was impossible. She suggested I get a prong collar and try that. 

I bought it right then and there. He did pretty well but I didn't have the knowledge to properly use the collar. So, though he was way better, it wasn't perfect.

After my dog went on 4 hikes with Laura and her pack of assorted dogs, and one private hour, we have had AMAZING results!!!! I kid you not.

For those of you who don't like the idea of a prong collar to train, trust me, it doesn't hurt or cause damage. It looks awful but it's not and it really helps to correct the behavior needing change. I have a little 16 lb dog. The collar is fine.

Laura also showed me how my behavior and voice were playing a part in my dog's bad behavior. 

Even without today's private lesson, 2 weeks ago after my dog had had only 1 pack hike, I was finally able to take my dog to restaurant patios with other dogs, and he was a dream. So now that we have better training I will have the perfect dog!

I have to stay on it, of course, but I'm so encouraged and happy. 

Laura is responsible, caring and so very smart. She is certified and really knows her stuff.

Do not hesitate one moment.

- Claudette W. (Emmett)  

Pet Peeves Dog Training Woodland Hills
"I wholeheartedly trust in Laura"


I've been to several trainers and Laura has by far had the most impact on me and my dogs. She is amazing with the dogs and has so much patience with them and me. She always makes herself available to me and the progress my dog and I have made is remarkable. We still have work to do but I am confident with Laura's expertise my dog's aggression will be gone. Those who know me know that I don't trust very many people with my dogs and I wholeheartedly trust in Laura.


- Lisa F. (Grace & Blue)  

Pet Peeves Dog Training Woodland Hills
Pet Peeves Dog Training Encino
"I cannot say enough good things about Pet Peeves" 


I cannot say enough good things about Pet Peeves and my very own dog whisperer, Laura. Indy has been to at least three trainers, and he's made more progress in a few sessions with her than with anyone else. She's also obviously become his second favorite human. (I'm still number one... I think.) Highly, highly recommend them.

- Taina C. (Indy)  

Pet Peeves Dog Training Canoga Park
"I did months with other trainers" 


Laura is incredible. On our first day of training, she took the leash and showed me how well behaved my Bailey could be. A pit bull that previously lunged and barked at every dog within a 15 foot radius can walk side by side with dogs and watch them walk past her calmly. More importantly, I feel like I am in control of her on walks and not the other way around. 
Our other issues are in the house with barking at the television and overall anxiety. This too, is under control. I can watch anything I want on television without changing the channel or fast forwarding because she might go to crazy town. She just looks away now. Like magic. 
She is turning 9 on November 11th. To anyone who says "you can't teach old dogs new tricks" I have to say, they just aren't receiving the proper training. 
By the way, we have only had TWO training sessions. I did months with other trainers and barely scratched the surface. Highly recommend this woman, she is my hero!

- Lindsay C. (Bailey) 

"My vet recommended Laura and Pet Peeves"


My vet recommended Laura and Pet Peeves when I expressed that our new German Shepherd's training wasn't all I wanted. I am an exerpienced shepherd owner and had already worked with two trainers. After 4 lessons with Laura, our dog, Jetta, is so well behaved and much calmer and happier knowing her place in our pack.  Laura spent time talking with me to understand Jetta's needs and mine. When one approach didn't work for me, she was responsive and supportive, delivering a new way of training recall that worked like a dream for us.  I have worked with trainers with all of my dogs over the years but have never come across one who is as skilled as Laura. I trust her implicitly to recommend approaches that are effective and kind for the dog and owner. I never thought I'd say this, but I am considering getting a second German Shepherd because I feel so confident that working with Laura will make integrating a second shepherd much easier and more fun!


- Kim K. (Jetta) 

Pet Peeves Dog Training Woodland Hills
Pet Peeves Dog Training Winnetka
"She cares and it shows" 


With two new 6 months old pups in our household we were feeling overwhelmed with the sheer gravity of having undisciplined puppies that terrorized our house. We asked friends, family, and anyone that would listen for recommendations for dog training courses. With high recommendations from the pet store that we shopped, Pet Food Express in Tarzana, we reached out to Pet Peeves and asked for assistance in training our terriers (aka terrors). Laura, the owner of Pet Peeves, offers a variety of classes for dog obedience training to meet the level your dog requires. We signed our two puppies in Pet Peeves' basic training course and we were extremely pleased with the results that developed over the 6 week training period. Laura showed a vast knowledge and skill with training canines. With pups and adult dogs which displaying disobedient behavior such as; jumping, barking, lunging, and snipping. It is apparent that many people also shared the overwhelming and daunting task of training their beloved pets. Everyone enrolled in the training course showed tremendous improvement with their pets over the training period. Puppies that displayed uncontrollable behavior were obeying their owner basic commands. Owners no longer looked frustrated and overwhelmed. The peace of mind one feels when their pet is no longer terrorizing the household, I'm telling you, what a great feeling.

Pet Peeves also offer dog walking which we highly recommend. Sounds really cliché right? No these hikes with your pet is an extension of training with an extremely skilled trainer that helps your dog become more social with other animals. Again sounds really cliché to say that about a dog. Ever walk your dog and are constantly worried that your dog is going to bite another dog or person? We've had Laura take our pups on one of these hikes and it is absolutely amazing to see our little pups run off leash through the hills side by side with large German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and other dogs. Yes, we said, off leash. We would have never believed it if we hadn't seen it for ourselves. We never thought that our pups would graduate to the next level.

She works closely with owners to achieve the goals of having a caring, loving and obedient pet. She is extremely passionate about what she does and clearly has a love for these animals. Her patience, calm demeanor, and skills with helping the owners communicate with their pets are not only noteworthy but are also a great talent. She cares and it shows. It is a great feeling to know there are people like Laura are out there. Thank you Laura!!!

- Ruben J. (Chica & Lala) 

Pet Peeves Dog Training Winnetka
"Laura is a kind and effective trainer" 


Laura is a kind and effective trainer, and that's why I take my puppy on a weekly 90 minute drive to see her. She rescued my puppy AND trained him to be a good dog. If you look at the videos of "Junior" on her facebook timeline, note that he was only about 3 months old in those videos!


- Hank C. (Junior) 

Pet Peeves Dog Training West Hills
"I witnessed firsthand how well her methods can work" 


Laura of Pet Peeves is such an amazing trainer, she was great throughout my puppy's training, but she's also extremely talented with dogs that are more of a challenge. I witnessed firsthand how well her methods can work, she had an unsocialized aggressive dog that she was fostering and within a few weeks of work, this dog was off leash with other dogs!!!! Amazing!!!


- Chelsea M. (Mauser)  

"Calling Laura a great trainer would certainly be an understatement


Our dog Keira had major behavioral issues from the day we adopted her. She was extremely reactive towards other dogs, chasing cats, showed aggression towards humans, very territorial, constantly barking and growling at people and especially dogs walking by our home. In addition, she would show very strong signs of aggression should anyone walk into (or by) our home. Aggression and reactiveness aside, her manners also required lots of work. She would counter-surf at will, jump up on us constantly, steal food, and hop onto our bed and other furniture uninvited.


We have spent a considerable amount of money and resources enrolling Keira in obedience classes and hiring private trainers to work with her directly on her issues. Even though most of the trainers we worked with had been a positive experience on our dog, it wasn't until contacting Laura when we started seeing major improvements in Keira. Calling Laura a great trainer would certainly be an understatement. She absolutely loves and understands dogs at the fundamental level. Laura had such a huge impact on our dog Keira that it's really hard to put into words. Each piece of her advice was pure gold and after putting them to use, Keira immediately made huge progress.


When my wife and I went on our honeymoon for 6 weeks, we didn't at all hesitate to board our dog with Laura knowing that she would be treated like family. Boy were we right!!! Laura was absolutely fantastic in integrating Keira into her home with her other dogs and cats. The amount of love and attention Keira received while boarded with Laura was absolutely incredible. I loved seeing all the photos and videos of Keira on various adventures, which included trips to the beach, hikes, dog socialization and other fun activities. No other boarding facility will give so much love and attention to your dog than Laura. My mind was at ease at all times knowing that Keira could not have been in better hands. When we picked up Keira, she was a completely different dog. Nearly all of her bad and unwanted traits had vanished. Laura went above and beyond in helping Keira become a better dog. We saw incredible improvement in Keira’s household manners, jumping up and cat chasing behaviors, and noticed a great reduction in her aggression and reactivity towards other dogs. Laura also did a fantastic job updating us on a regular basis on Keira's progress while we were gone.


Laura's training is not only limited to dogs, as she also has an uncanny ability to communicate with doggy parents. She took the time to explain things to me in a way that enabled me to better understand dogs in general and build a lasting, positive relationship with my own two dogs. Should we need to board Keira in the near future, Laura will definitely be our #1 choice. Heck, we may even board her even when we don't need to, only because it's such a positive experience for Keira. Thank you, Laura, for having such a positive impact on our dog Keira. Keira can't wait to see you again!


- Arkady H. (Keira)  

Pet Peeves Dog Training Chatsworth
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