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All our services begin with a free phone consult to make sure we're a good fit and get all your questions answered risk-free! Once you are familiar with our services and prices, click here to get started. 

All our training includes LIFETIME SUPPORT via text, phone, or email. Clients are welcomed to send videos of their training efforts for further guidance at any time! We are never satisfied until you get the results you desire.


Virtual Dog Training (best value!)


Let's be real here. Most of what we do is actually training PEOPLE how to get the behaviors they want from their dogs and that's exactly what you'll get out of these live video calls using either Zoom, FaceTime, or whatever platform works best for you. Working virtually enables me to offer one-on-one training at a lower price point, and we truly are able to work through just about any issue this way (even leash manners, reactivity, and aggression... yes, REALLY)!

I will start by explaining your current situation from your dog's perspective so you have an understanding of what you may have been unintentionally miscommunicating previously. Then I'll describe in detail what I want you to do, and will provide verbal guidance while watching you implement the techniques with your dog, the same as we would do in an in-person lesson. As needed, I will demo the techniques using one of my own dogs or client dogs in boarding.


We are currently offering virtual private lessons in the following options:

Single 1-hour virtual lesson .......... $125

Pkg. of (3) 1-hr virtual lessons ...... $320

Please know that our special low-level e-collar training program (as described further down this page) is now being offered in this virtual format as well and has shown similar success to the in-person version! This is a VERY unique opportunity for you to obtain this level of training at HALF the usual price! Please take advantage of this incredible discount while it lasts...


6-lesson virtual program ..............  $600

Low-level e-collar ……....................  $180

In-Home Private Lessons

In-Home Private Lessons (most popular)


Private lessons take place in the comfort of your own home. They last about an hour and a half and can cover any issue you wish you address. Private lessons are best for addressing:


  • Basic obedience commands (sit/stay, down/stay, come, heel, place) for dogs not ready for group class or requiring special attention

  • Behavior problems such as poor leash manners, reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, mouthiness, jumping up, barking, not listening, or other unwanted behavior

  • Preparing for a new dog or puppy in the household

  • Managing conflict in a multi-dog household

  • Teaching your dog how to leave your cat alone

  • Learning a clearer system of communication with your dog

  • Gaining a better understanding of how your dog thinks, why he does what he does, and how to get him to listen to you


There are two options for purchasing private lessons. The package discount is available for lessons paid for together as a package only.


Single 1.5-hr lesson ........................  $250
(3) 1.5-hr lessons package 
............  $650  ($100 savings!)

Low-Level E-Collar Training (our speciality!)


This is a very special and highly effective hands-on course that teaches you, the pet owner, how to gently and humanely e-collar train your dog in the comfort of your home with the goal of off-leash reliability through distractions by the end of 6 lessons! If you want a dog you can take places, this is the program for you!


This program includes mastery of all the basic commands such as come, sit/stay, down/stay, heel, and place. In addition, every problem behavior under the sun including human aggression, dog aggression, resource guarding, leash reactivity, overactive prey drive, fearfulness, separation anxiety, mouthing, house soiling, pulling on leash, distractibility and lack of general manners can all be worked through in this course!


This program is ideal for people who are committed to working and learning with their dog to better the pet-owner relationship. Sessions are typically spaced a week apart and each session lasts 1-1.5 hours.


6-lesson program .........................  $1200

Low-level e-collar ……....................  $180

In-Home Private Lessons

Board & Train (currently not available)


Board & Train is essentially a boot camp that takes place in our home (yes, our actual home, not a kennel facility). For dogs that need a behavioral overhaul and clients with little time for training, this may be the way to go! Please contact us for more details about this program, as it is completely customized for each client's specific needs. Board & Train is offered at a minimum duration of 3 weeks, although longer stays may be required depending on the dog and training needed. To insure your dog's continued success once he/she goes home, our Board & Train program includes 3 private sessions of after care!


**We only take two dogs at a time for Board & Train so space is very limited and often books months in advance.**


Board & Train (3 weeks) .............  $3,500

Additional weeks (per week) .....  $1,000

Low-level e-collar ……....................  $180

Walking Manners Group Class


This class is for anyone whose dog pulls, barks, or doesn't have the best manners when walking near other dogs or people. It is also great for dogs that are shy or wary of other people or dogs, as well as those that are easily excitable and like to jump up on people they meet.


This is entirely a standing and walking class so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress to be outside. We will walk around the park, practicing loose leash walking and teaching each dog how to approach other dogs and people in an appropriate manner. Shy dogs will have ample opportunities to receive positive interactions from strangers and all dogs are respected to progress through this class at their own pace. Attendees of this class must have had at least one private or virtual lesson with us prior to the class.


4 week class ................................... $160


Next class day/time: Thursdays at 6:30pm  (Reactive dogs welcome!)

Next start date: 2/24/22

Location: Woodland Hills, CA


In-Home Private Lessons