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The best $33 you will ever spend on your dog!

Pack Hikes


Weather permitting, we provide pack hikes 3 days a week (M-W-F)! There is nothing more natural and fulfilling for a dog than to travel and explore in a pack. Your dog will enjoy a fun 1.5 hour hike (both on and off leash) in the hills with a group of dogs under the supervision of a professional dog trainer who will maintain a calm, balanced energy within the pack to ensure everyone gets along. All dogs will also be required to walk behind the pack leader to ensure everyone's safety and reinforce good habits.


Your dog will come home completely fulfilled from not only the great physical exercise, but the mental challenge of following the leader as well as the rewarding adventure of all the sights and smells of the outdoors, and will receive balanced socialization at the same time! What more can you possibly want for your dog?



$40/hike or $100 for 3x/week!

Additional dogs from same household get a $15 discount/hike.


Pick up and drop off ARE included for homes within 20 minutes of Canoga Park.


Space is limited so please contact us before our van fills up!

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